Inside Job Log

"You cannot rely on someone else to make you feel alive: it's an inside job"



I used to be pretty

I used to be pretty

When I looked at me

Wide eyes, small hips,

Smooth lips and hands

My tight, taunt skin, 

A butter pecan tan.
I used to be pretty

When I looked at me, 

I saw thick, black hair,

small ankles and knees

My clothes fit just right

No problem shopping the mall,

Just my Size wasn’t thought of at all!
Now, when I look, what looks back at me?

A different woman, 45 years young

A change, a new thing has just begun.

My eyes, hair, skin and lips,

Ankles, knees, clothes even hips;

All combined with age and wisdom suitable

To let me know I’m not pretty….

Author: Karen Henderson


Random thoughts #103

« Once you’re aware of your feelings, it’s up to you to figure out how to deal with them »

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